About SocietyMitra

SocietyMitra is society Managment system developed to manage day-to-day activities of any co-operative housing society. Generally, in society all the work is manually. Contact numbers of members are noted on the papers. As all work is done on paper so it is very difficult to manage and keep track of all the work expenses in the society. Our society management system will computerize all day to day operation in the society. This System also keep the details of service providers who provide different services like Security, Housekeeping, Pest Control, Equipment Maintenance etc. There is no automated system for doing all the things that generally happen in society, so that members can come to know what is happening in society.

SocietyMitra system is also Raise invoices against all flats or select flats based on area or based on a fixed amount. Members receive email and SMS whenever an invoice is raised against their flat. This system of maintaining a society is made in such a way, so that the most common problem faced in residential societies are solved. Using this system Advance payments or partial payments can be easily noted and tracked against any flat. They require the co-ordination among the respective management societies coupled with the vendors which provide these services so that the appropriate convenience can be provided. Using this system admin can select and send email/SMS reminders to defaulters on the payments to be made.

This mobile-based application provides facilities for accounting, facility management, communication channel between flat owners, tenants and the managing committee. It also has provisions, to compute the society’s budget and balance sheet. The App can prepare bills and collect maintenance fees on behalf of the society. a virtual notice board that informs residents of festival celebrations; meetings and other events; as well as notices on water shortage, building repairs, etc. The site also provides a facility for tracking members complaints and has a newsfeed page, which can be used to inform members about the latest developments in the society.


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Our Proposed System

Housing society management system allows societies to create user accounts for each member in two ways. The main functionality of our project is that, there is a Arrange Meetings, Circulate Notices , Keep attendance records of Members in meeting and etc. Admin can add members individually using the admin module. Members can vote the candidates that are standing for different roles in society. When member account is created, the system sends an email to the member whose account is created. This System allows members to login with their own account and get updated with society happenings.

User can also track payments made against each bill. He can generate report of all payments any time. Using this system admin can also track other small expenses like water tanker payment, repairing payment etc. Booking a hall for celebration in a society was a difficult work as details were on paper and were only accessible only to the authority which may create confusion when more than one people want to celebrate in same hall. this system is also record fields such as expense description, expense date, payment mode, to whom was it paid etc. user can retrieve these records any time from report module. Get Budget Variance Reports to monitor if the spending is as per plan. This software system generates maintenance bill automatically and manually. It generates bill for all members at single click. Admin can also query and view expense statements for any month or multiple months and can generate report of expense statement.


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