Brochure Design

It is not always easy for businesses to maintain consistency in their branding efforts. But, from a customer's point of view, consistency is pivotal to brand retention. When your logo, brand name, newsletters, stationery, banners, advertisements and all other marketing communication incorporate the same colours, shapes, fonts and styles, it creates a consistent brand image that customers can easily recall. Consistent branding is effective branding, leading to greater identity and brand recall. However, many businesses get caught up in their branding, marketing and advertising efforts which, at some point, can become overwhelming. This can move your focus onto the implementation of your branding rather than the consistency of it. Nine Solutions offers brand style guide services that ensure that you never lose focus or consistency in your branding.


About Brochure Design

Brochure and printed collateral has its own place - advertising of new promotions or products, informing customers of changes in your business or strategies, attaining new customers by spreading awareness about you and your business, branding and marketing and even leading the competition by maintaining a wider reach. But the brochure you design and use needs to be one that carries your corporate identity perfectly and those appeals to your target market. That is where Nine Solutions comes in.

Your brochure needs to meet two goals - designed in line with your band style guide and attract your customers's attention by conveying right content. It is these two objectives that Nine Solutions's aims at as we design your brochure. We begin by understanding the purpose that your brochure is expected to serve. With this, we work towards the corporate identity or brand that you wish to portray along with your intended message. By working with you at every step of the design process, we gain an understanding about what you want from your brochure and who your target market is; and this allows us to create the brochure that perfectly suits your requirements.

Our brochure designs :


A brand manual contains, among others, the following details: :