iOS Development

About iOS

iOS is the operating system that runs on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad devices. Built for multitouch interaction, all user input in iOS is through touch gesturing, a technology that Apple has pioneered. The operating system manages the device hardware and provides the technologies required to implement native apps. The operating system also ships with various system apps, such as Phone, Mail, and Safari, that provide standard system services to the user.


iOS Development

iOS is the world's most advanced mobile operating system, continually redefining what people can do with a mobile device. We, together, the iOS SDK and Xcode IDE make it easy for you to create revolutionary applications.

Nine Solutions provide comprehensive iOS programming and development to offshore outsourcing companies and our developers/programmers creates rich iOS applications.



Applications built with PhoneGap are not just like normal mobile web sites. PhoneGap applications are able to interact with mobile device hardware, such as the camera, in ways that are unavailable to normal web applications. PhoneGap applications are also built and packaged like native applications, meaning that they can be distributed through the Apple App Store or the Android Market.


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