Requirement Gathering

The requirement gathering is starting point of the user centre design process. Requirements gathering is a very crucial step before you start design or development. Identifying the variation of the requirement needs is the core challenge.Understand the context, focus on the needs & challenges to discover the problem should be the core focus of the requirement gathering method. Real world users requirement gathering is an iterative process facilitates how to gather data and convert this data into system requirements.

About Requirement Gathering

A requirement is a statement about an intended product that specifies what it should do or how to do it. For requirements to be effectively implemented and measured, they must be specific, unambiguous and clear. For example, a requirement may be that a specific button must enable printing of the contents of the current screen.

A great user experience is all about enabling users achieve their objective when using your artifact - be it a website, a software system or anything that you create. Now take a step back. Trying to understand how to make it easy for users to achieve their goals would be pointless if you don't place it within the context of what you know about your users.

Every UX project has its own unique requirements, and research is used to determine what they are. We can divide the requirements into three categories: Business, User, and Technical.